What do you use for monitoring overall disk space on your server?

I’m looking for a simple solution for monitoring overall disk space on the server itself, apart from Nextcloud. Right now I’m handling manually this via ssh and df -h so I really need to automate the process.

Suggestions appreciated!

Interested in:
Terminal options
Email or RSS notificiations
Matomo - have access to an instance if it helps

to you want to run the check script local on the server or from remote?

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Thanks! It’ll be remote. I have a utility server that will work well for this.

It’d be useful to document both local and remote options for the NextcloudPi group and home users.

i guess nagios, icinga and/or check_mk will be overkill. or?

personally i would write a small ansible playbook to check some parameters on the remote server and run apprise to notify me.