What do we need to open the zip files from NextCloud?

Hey guys,

When we share a folder with NextCloud the recipient gets a zip file, but the zip file cannot be opened, what tool do we need to use so we can open the zip file?



once again , your config would be helpfull…basic stuff need here to get support !!!
Like server side ( linux, docker, other), or client side ( windows, osx, other )
Nothing personal, but more and more users forget we only have one crystal ball we share for trying to help… still expecting the postman to deliver mine ! And i am not talking about the battery needed…

Tested on my NC16, a directory share as a zip, opening on win10 and win7 was possible with :

  • basic windows zip support.
  • 7-zip
  • winrar
  • Peazip
  • WinZip

Concerning your problem, several thing may act to trouble you:

  • a real server config, witch end up creating damage zip files.
  • A network problem, where the zip file is incompletely downloaded.
  • An antivirus bullship app creating troubles ( already experienced that kind of troubles !!! )

Try again checking of the potential item for toubles and maybe one of those software

Tested too on a verrrrry old macbook pro with 10.04 tiger and chrome.

Chrome was able to open and read the zip…