What Device for NextCloud and OnlyOffice

as NextCloud is running on my Raspberry Pi 4 and OnlyOffice on a server from Hetzner, I would like to have everything at home. It is intended for my family (4 people), and a few apps (including Talk and OnlyOffice). Do you have a recommendation for a device? The pain threshold for the price is about 150€. https://nextcloud.com/devices/ 1 is known to me.
I know, partly it is certainly a question of faith, but nevertheless I would be grateful for some tips.

If you need the almost similar form factor.

I have one instance running on an UP board x5 Atom z8350.

starting at US$ 99,- (exluding all peripherals)
I myself have the 4GB/64GB (which is US$ 169,-) with two external drives running on Debian.
If you need to use the pins you check the community for the linux versions supporting it… I did not have to worry about the pins, it was the intel/amd64 I architecture I was after…

I have it running for over two years without a hassle… yes it is triple a RPi4 4GB but far beyond anything more reliable.

Else try and find a second hand DELL optiplex… bigger but still small. And possibly outperforming the UP.

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Just get and old x86 PC or laptop.

If it has to be a SBC or similar, these are two other good options. The PC-Engine ones are especially interesting if you want to replace a router with it.



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Will something like this do it? Maybe faster as RP4?

Dell Optiplex 7010 / i3-3225 2x 3,30GHz, 4GB, 250GB

Sure that would work.

Speed really depends on the specific storage and network setup.

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Thank you!

At my house, this computer works well with Debian and NextCloud on it. By the way, it consumes very little electricity.

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