What cooler badges could we come up with?

We have vastly exceeded the limited badges available in standard Discourse.

1st heart.
25 url clicks.

Time to consider new, loftier goals.

250 hearts on same post.
1,000 hearts on same post.
2,500 url clicks.
5,000 url clicks.

:slight_smile: Got any ideas for fun badges to whip up?

Yes i do, i want to have the “grumpier post” !!!

I really believe I deserve it !! If not, i will make sure to have it, one day, maybee…

I believe that badge already exists for the grumpiest posters as a shadow ban. :rofl:

COOL !!!

Is it possible to have the “shadow support form” badge too ?

We can add group badges.

Example: People are active for > 5 years at the forums get a badge “Cloud maker”.