What can be done with internal links for files and folders?


I’m curious about how limited, or extensively, internal linking is useful for both a user + other local users you’ve granted access.

  • I’m assuming there is no way to revoke internal links.
  • How much access can be granted to other users?
  • Can internal links be used between apps on the same server in any real capacity?
  • Is there any way to convern an internal link to a shared link without the details menu?

I’m curious if this can serve as a more limited, localized variation of “sharing” as users traditionally handle it.

Thanks for any guidance or suggestions!

I believe that in order for a user to be able to access a file with an internal link they must have “proper” access to the file, e.g. through “normal” sharing or a group folder. This would answer at least your question 2.

Q4: no I don’t think so because they are fundamentally different things. One is simply trying to access a specific file via its ID (internal link) while the other is actually creating access permissions.