What about to have an EML file preview?

Hi guys!

Although I can provide little help to the implementation, I can help with the requirements specification of the feature mentioned in the subject.

What would be nice to have?
Preview of an EML files.

What is the EML file?
Simply: it is an email stored in a single file (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email#Filename_extensions)

Use cases:

A) User stores email to his “Cloud” folder and later display it through the web interface.

  • John receives his flight ticket in his offline email client (e.g. Thunderbrid)
  • John would like to have it available in all his connected devices so he saves the flight ticket message into his “Cloud” folder.
  • Later John would like to check the ticket out and maybe do online check-in.
  • It would be nice for him to login into his nextcloud instance and display the eml message with the flight ticket he saved a day before.