Welcome message in german


Is it possible to change the language of the welcome message to for example german?

Kind regards

sorry? which welcome message? where?


I mean the email a new user gets when a new account is created. The email is in english, I’d like to have it in german.


that should depend upon the general settings of your machine-locale and/or the general settings of your instance. have you checked those?

$ echo $LANG

In the preferences I can’t find where to set a default language.


login with your admin account --> setup (upper right corner) --> settings --> personal info --> language settings to the right.

which locale does show up there? (pls check on a non-admin account as well). should be germany.

Checked that. But for the newly created user the language settings were in english.

Now the user gets the welcome message in german. But that means that after I created a new account I have to login as the new user and change the language settings accordingly.

Is there a way to set the language for the user when it is created without first login in as that user and change his language?


yeah… usually that should be done by the systemwide setting of locale… which seems to be correct regarding your LANG… but maybe there’s a possibility to recheck and re-set that again. as i’m no master in linux you might wanna ask uncle google on how to proceed

Found the solution. Uncle google told me to set ‘default_language’ => ‘de’ in config.php
That does the trick.