WebView doesn't properly sync calendar subscriptions, ICSx does

Hi all,

I subscribed to a couple of public calendars, e.g. to keep track of football games. :slight_smile:

I added them as subscription via link in the Calendar app. On my phone, I’m syncing those from my nextcloud account via ICSx. Now I have the following situation:

  • On my phone, I see all the games with correct times and correct results
  • On the webview, there are some games missing and some not updated correctly

When I added the subscriptions, it worked just fine, so I’m pretty sure that the only problem is refreshing/syncing those calendars. One of them had all the games from the very beginning, but had later games at a dummy timestamp with the comment that the speicific time isn’t fixed yet. Those are the entries I see in the webview, while I see the correct timestamps on my phone. For other calendars, I don’t see any entries in the webUI anymore, but all of them correctly in the phone. So I assume that they weren’t part of the calendar when I initially subscribed to it (again, the fixtures weren’t specifically timed back then).

I couldn’t find a way to force a sync in the webUI, but I’m really not fond of deleting all my calendars and adding them again for that forced refresh. Especially since I would have to add all of them on my devices again, too. And then again, it’s probably just a solution until some changes in the calendars happen yet again.

So: Given that the .ics obviously work correctly and that only the webUI isn’t catching up with them, is there a way to force a refresh/resync or a setting that can help with that?

Thanks in advance!



The issue you’re having is this one: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/1895

Subscriptions are now refreshed at regular intervalls by a system cron. Increase cron frequency if you can.