Webupdate everything already checked

Hi there,

we come to the communuity with NC12. The updating process via web just works once for me. Now if i am going in the process every step is already checked. So the update isn´t running.
I have made a small video to show this.

Also if i am running sudo -u www-data php updater/updater.phar on the console the same… everystep is already checked.

Is there a cache or something which i have to clean up?

Thanks for your help.

Greets Kay


Welcome to the community!
Could you post the updater.log please?

in which folder could i find the updater.log?
The updater folder looks like this:

I can’t check right now, but I believe it is under the Nextcloud folder or in the data folder.
Could you just run a search (when connected via SSH)?

Here it is: http://d.jamitlabs.com/wfknYj

ahh i think i got it… in this directory i had to remove the .step file

Did you remove the .step file already? If so, did it help?

Actually I’m not sure if this will help and if it is a good idea.
Important question for now: after the execution of the web updater, when you was asked to keep maintenance mode enabled or disabled, what did you choose? And did you see the “login” screen (without the input fields for your credentials) with the button “upgrade”? At this point the DB will be migrated. Could be that this step was missing.

it helped… As i saw this file, i searched in google for that and found some guys with exactly the same problem. They wrote delete it. So i made a backup and deleted it…
After that the processscreen was “normal” so everything went normal in Process and the update is perfekt. Now i am on 13.0.1.
After the update i have no current .step file and the webupdater seems to be good. I have testet it by changing to daily … So from my side everything is fine

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Perfect! Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it worked.