WebUI - strange spacing after upgrade to 20.0.7 (from 19.0.8)

Nextcloud version: 20.0.7
Operating system and version: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Apache or nginx version: no idea, shared hoster hides that from me
PHP version: 7.4

The issue you are facing:
The text spacing seems … shomehow odd, it seems to use tabstops instead of spaces. It’s not actually block, there are literal tab stops in the text.

I tried to repair using occ, and tried to find where this actually happens, but I could not find a solution to this:


I’m running this on linux in Chrome on the screenshots. Anyone got an idea where this could come from? It certainly looks like a style issue, but I’d guess a lot more people would have found it if it was a general issue.

Hi, your issue could be fixed with

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Very welcome, that did the trick! Thanks a lot!

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