Website Preview doesn't work (Pageres - PhantomJS - Imagick)


I have installed Node, NodeJS, PhantomJS and Pageres(-cli) and Imagick. Set parameters within the Nextcloud passwords app, but when i add a new website, there is no preview image in the details pane.

myserver:~# node -v

myserver:~# nodejs -v

myserver:~# phantomjs -v

myserver:/var/www/html/nextcloud# sudo -u www-data pageres 1024x768 1366x768

? Generated 2 screenshots from 1 url and 2 sizes (It works from the commandline)

Imagick installed and working (tested and it generates an image)


I see the flavicon in the details preview pane. I thought it should be an image of the website instead of an enlarged flavicon.

Any suggestons anyone.

Kind regards, RoRu69