'Website is currently being setup' after NAS stop

Hello everybody,

10 days ago I installed Nextcloud, letsencrypt and mariadb with a stack explained by Techno Dad Life (on YouTube). I installed it in Docker, in OpenMediaVault on my raspberry pi 4.

All worked perfectly. But I had to stop my NAS this night and when I started it this morning, I couldn’t use nextcloud anymore!
When I try to connect to https://nextcloud.‘mydomain’.duckdns.org I got this :

I have to admit that I installed the containers in docker with the stacks using a tutorial. I don’t really understand what I did, but it worked. Unfortunately now it doesn’t.

I hope somebody could help me to access my nextcloud.

Thanx in advance.

PS: I can give you more technical details if you explain me how to do… :grimacing:

Ok I found the solution thanx to openmediavault community.

I restarted the containers and now it works fine!