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I was planing to migrate calendar/contact/mail from sogo to nextcloud. I tested the rainloop integration and this was satisfying. Unfortunately, I read that the rainloop integration is deprecated and will not work with the next version of nextcloud due to changes in the API.

I’m looking to find a new webmail replacement. The official webmail app is interesting. I like how it is completely integrated to nextcloud, but it lacks important features like managing sieve filters and signature. Roundcube is nice, but seem like there is no way to integrate it to nextcloud (I would like to avoid to have to authenticate twice).

if you are using a webmail with nextcloud, what are you using?


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There seem to be plenty of options to integrate Roundcube. See:


I already found the first link you posted. I didn’t tried but it seem to integrate only with the “external site” feature of nextcloud, but I don’t see how it does unified authentication. Probably it doesn’t. It also add nextcloud contacts into roundcube via a carddav plugin.

The second link is only about integrating nextcloud contacts into roundcube via a carddav plugin. It doesn’t look like it talks about unified authentication.

The last link seem like it’s an abandoned not-working project. Last commit is about a year ago and the readme say: “will not automatically login at this point. It does logout of your nextcloud seesion when you logout of Roundcube. I just started this thing”. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I would need.

Excuse me, did you solve this problem?

btw the link above to c-rieger.de is broken, but this one (German) works and was last updated on 6. April 2020