Weblink on Nextcloud Startpage

Sorry for this category but I have no idea where to post my question.

My question:
I would like to link to the official website on the start page (login page) of my Nextcloud installation for all visitors.
How can I do this?



As an administrator, you can go to
Settings | Administration | Theming
With the theming app you can customize the web link (default https://nextcloud.com) individually:

Hi amarillo

thanks for your quick replay.
So I have a small hidden link at the bottom of the page. My wish would be a picture or bigger icon with the hint that it goes here to the main page.

sorry, no idea for inserting an image, but you can adjust the text of the link with with the parameter Name (default: Nextcloud. It shouldnt’t be a hidden link.

Thank you so much. That’ll help for now.
A nice weekend for you and many thanks for your help.