Webinar nextcloud talk / speed

I am looking for the feature. How to take control over guests / disable guests microphone , camera or screensharing. In webinars this schould obviously be possible.

Nice to see that signaling server software has become open source. It works good on our platform.


This was added in Talk 9 for moderators. The other things are still on our todo.


Hello all.
Some questions about talk:

  1. How can the moderator disable screensharing to all other participants? Because actually a participant can share his screen and override the moderator screen sharing.
  2. How can the moderator disable all microphones simoultaneously with a single button?
  3. How can the moderator re-enable the microphones of participants?
  4. How can a moderator type a chat to a single participant, and not to all?

Are these my configuration misunderstanding, or new funcions that you have idea to implement?

Thank you very much.


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Looking for a option to disable both webcam as well as the microphone for a webinar style meeting. Maybe I misread https://nextcloud.com/talk/ but I thought that might be possible once you have a HPB installed. Couldn’t find such an option yet, did anyone else?