WebDAV settings

I have an portable ultrasound machine that only allows me to send files remotely (see settings). I am trying to send files NextCloud however i’m not sure which hostname to use (see screenshot). Can anyone help with this? Appreciate it.



The answer would be whatever hostname you’ve set for your Nextcloud server.

That said, this screen looks a lot like it’s looking for an SMB mount not a WebDAV one.

Really helpful comment. Thank you.
Would you be able to guide me to the best way to send items to NextCloud from my device if we are assuming an SMB mount?

Nextcloud can mount an SMB volume that is being exported from an SMB server, but NC can’t serve as an SMB server itself.

You could (either of these approaches):

  • Co-host a Samba service on/adjacent your NC server and export an SMB volume from it.
  • If you already have a Windows server or a NAS, export an SMB volume from either.

The SMB volume exported by any of the above could then be used (mounted) by your ultrasound machine and Nextcloud. This would make the files available with Nextcloud while enabling compatibility (for sending files) with your ultrasound machine.

This assumes your primary goal is to get the ultrasound files into Nextcloud. If instead the goal is just to place the files from your ultrasound machine somewhere, just placing them on the SMB volume may be enough.