Webdav Network drive to specific folder

I have a question about adding a Nextcloud folder in Windows Explorer as a network drive.
How can I script a network drive to a folder with the name ‘General’ that I add under the Nexcloud Admin account to all Nextcloud users?

I found only the script below, but I want to see only one folder (General). Is this possible?

net use Z: https://<drive_path>/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/ /user:youruser

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I would just try to append the path to the URL:

Additionally it’ll be down to how you’ve got this setup too; if it’s just a folder in admin all users will have to use one NET USE script with the admin user/pass, whilst if you shared it to all users, you can use their unique user/pass dynamically (assuming you’re authing with LDAP or similar and there’s a known pattern).