Webdav mount on login, ldap auth


We are looking to replace our samba network shares mounted by Ubuntu clients with NC webdav. The clients are authenticating the samba mounts against ldap. I’m looking for a way to make this work without storing the user password on the client machines like you would for webdav.

Instead using the ldap db for the clients to authenticate. It would need to work with 2fa enabled also.

Does anyone know a way to go about this? Basically the end goal is to have what the desktop sync client does without duplicating the files to all user homes.

Many thanks for any insight in this in advance.

When using 2FA, the Nextcloud clients asks you to login via a small browser window, use 2FA in order to create an app password for the Nextcloud client (the login flow is documented here: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/16/developer_manual/client_apis/LoginFlow/index.html).

Manually, it should be easy to do this (personal page, security, create app password, then use username and app password on the webdav mount. Perhaps you manage to use the login flow to improve the usability.

Thanks for the information, I could script something with the api that might work for our users. I can integrate it in the file browser (Nemo) quite easily. I already produced a custom menu option which prints the pdf’s contained in any zip file for instance.

It’s possible the steps are to hard for them, I’ll have to make it super user friendly for sure.