Webdav - lock on file doesn't work

hello everybody,

just a question about lock on files with network share (i mean webdav access or davfs2 access).
It doesn’t work at all for me : i use different OS (Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 and MAC OS) and different Office suite (Microsoft, Libre, Open).
is there any specific configuration for making work that function ?


Bumping this – I tried to push a git repo to my nextcloud, but that doesn’t work without DAV locking.

I get the impression there’s quite a bit of history here – webdav locking apparently isn’t very effective, but some clients use it

We have the same situation, we use Win10 and mapped network shares with webdav.
When two user open a file and edit it, there is no information that the file is locked for the second user via webdav. Is there a dav solution for this case in nextcloud?

This is a known behavior and a lack of feature at current: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/1308

For me and some clients this is a serious problem. We’re not amused about the ‘conflict savings’ that seem to be the result of working/opening and saving an excel file by multiple people.
It has cost me a lot of time to discover that file locking isn’t working as I’d expect for collaboration and group functionality in Nextcloud. Excel with macros and Forms is not supported outside excel.

We were planning to roll-out more Nextcloud intstances on our servers for multiple clients, but this behavior is not acceptable. When working with WebDav (network share in windows 10 and office 2016), this should work and as far as I read could work.

I found WebDrive as ‘plugin’. Their website gave no hope since the download pages could not be accessed and http and https sites are mixed up.

So what can the Nextcloud Team offer us to support file locking?


This behavior is an absolutley show stopper and overkill to use Nextcloud in business environments that are using WebDAV share drives. Solutions like “Temporary file lock” are NOT solutions because no one logs into the webinterface and set a lock there for every file that have to be modify. Very bad…

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This feature is needed to work in business environments!