Webdav issues - user and raw access?

I experimented with Nextcloud Webdav and am unhappy with it.

For one, the URLs used include (at least on Windows) the user name, which implies users cannot share the link used easily, unlike other Webdav implementations. (Webdav - use this address to access your Files via WebDav)

Second, there is no “plain” or “raw” URL usable with arbitrary (readonly) clients, whether it is a browser (see e.g. Allow WebDAV [GET] access for ordinary web browser clients · Issue #14919 · nextcloud/server · GitHub) or a webserver proxying to nextcloud. nextcloud-raw appears to be a (non-standard) solution, but why cannot Nextcloud do this on its own?

I am using Webdav with an IIS and no issues.

You could use external storage that allows different public access (and then only move stuff there that you want to share).

There is also a limitation to include raw files: Make Nextcloud a great image hosting/upload service · Issue #2523 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

For internal users, you can get a static link in the form nextcloud.example.org/f/fileID, however, I don’t know how this works with arbitrary clients…

Not enough people asking for this feature? Not sure if you have time and resources to work on it yourself. In case you need help, the development section then would be better to ask for specific details.

I have no plans to start development of next nextcloud. I am using a nextcloud instance (not my choice of tool) and see issues that other tools just do not have.

Well, if you have tools that do what you like, then just use them. Unfortunately, I don’t know a better way around this issue. Just with the external storage feature you could mix the systems, if there is something from Nextcloud you want/need to use.