Webdav issues / login with third-party app

hello, i have problems accessing webdav via one 3rd party android app.

the android app is: scanbot pro

Error message at login is: Host / Useraccount / Check PW (analogous)

Error message in server log is: Sabre\DAV\Exception\BadRequest: Expected {DAV:}propfind but received {DAV:}o as the root element

The problem only exists with this Android app.

NC version is: 19.0.3

I’ve tested several Accounts, Devices and the alternative WEBDav-Login with the app.

does anyone have a hint for me?

(alternatively I can change the scan-app, but it must have an automatic upload to nextcloud as a feature)

thanks & best regards

Please describe IN DETAIL how the WebDAV url is looking like which doesn’t work.
Have you set-up an app specific password for the app?

the two DAV-URL i used are:

a) https://MYDOMAIN/remote.php/webdav/ <-- that’s the one suggested / used in default by the App

b) https://MYDOMAIN/remote.php/dav/files/MYUSERNAME/ <-- thats the one shown within settings in Nextcloud

I tried both Authentication Methods: Username/Password and Username/App-specific Password.

None of the above combinations are working.


i have contacted the support of scanapp pro, they know about the bug and will fix it in the next app-version.