WEBDAV - Hyperlink into file

Hi everyone
i have this problem, i hope i explain well in english.

I have Windows clients that connect to NEXTCLOUD via network-mapped WebDAV (e.g. P: )

Inside these folders are Word and EXCEL files which have hyperlinks to subfolders

For example
Root\Folder1\excelFile.xls (with relative link into root\FolderFile)

For example in cell A1 I have a link to “InlcludeFolderFile\FilePdf1.pdf”

When I copy the Folder1 folder on a USB stick or on another PC, the EXCEL links are recreated and the linked files (PDF, DOC, etc.) inside the IncludesFolderFile folder are opened. If I hover the mouse over cell A1, the relative link “InlcludeFolderFile\FilePdf1.pdf” appears and opens the file.

When I copy Folder1 folder to WebDAV, windows, it doesn’t keep the network mapping with “P:” but it always points to https://servername.com/remote.php/dav/files/Username and the link inside the files EXCEL doesn’t work, it always asks for username and password and can’t open the linked file.

How can I make sure that on Windows, through some setting of NEXTCLOUD WebDav, it can maintain the mapping of the drive with “P:” and not with the link ?

I have an urgent job to do and I can’t find a solution to this. Thanks for your help

I think it is a Windows or Excel problem. I think Microsoft is not interested to solve it. But i think with Microsoft 365 it works fine.

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