Webdav from windows 10


I have nextcloud 17 installed on RaspberryPi.

I’m trying to map a network drive to the webdav location: http:///nextcloud/remote.php/webdav/
and it simply doesn’t work.

It asks for username and password, I’m typing the administrator user name and password, and then it says that windows cannot access it, with error code 0x80070043 - The network name cannot be found.

I’ve just enabled the WebDAV on my WD MyCloud NAS and I could access it from the same computer.

In addition, I’m pretty sure that I was able to access webdav locations before (from BarracudaDrive) on this windows 10 (although there’s a small chance it was from my old windows 7 computer).

On the other hand, I was able to access the WebDAV on my NextCloud from Linux machine (using davfs2). So it seems like a problem specific to the combination of Windows 10 and NextCloud.

Can someone help with that?


Do you agree, that using the wonderful search function of this forum helps getting an answer on questions faster than writing a new posting?


I will say exactly the same thing.

1- Use HTTPS only if you want to strickly use HTTP you have to do some regedit to modify this.
2- Webdav won’t works well on Windows 7-8-10 with Microsoft Office documents. You have to use other webdav software to bypass this like MountainDuck