Webdav filepicker for Nextcloud


For our apps outside of Nextcloud we’ve been looking at having support for users to save their files to Nextcloud. Of course this is possible through loginflow and webdav file upload. However, we were also looking into having a file interface that would let the user select where they want to save the file, create new folder to save it, etc.

Basically similar to how it is when you try to save a document on your PC. There are already similar integration to other file storage services (such as onedrive) and it should be possible in Nextcloud because it has webdav.

But when searching I couldn’t find any filepicker/filehandler clients for javascript/php that supports webdav/nextcloud. I saw something on apps such as webapppassword but its not intended for excatly the purpose we had in mind I believe.

Does anyone know any webdav type applications that one could integrate with their own to not have to create an entire filepicker interface from scratch?

Thank you.

You could just mount the nextcloud storage as a network drive if you use windows on the user side, this way it is accessible via a drive letter

That sounds cool but its a bit different from what I had in mind. We basically want the user to be able to access it from web apps outside Nextcloud. So using loginflow for authentication and then doing file handling (having an interface for user to select a directory and save file as selected name) on this app without having to login to Nextcloud (except that one time they have to authenticate).

Nextcloud only provides a simple (WebDAV) drive which you can mount from external apps. From my understanding it would be in the responsibility of the external app to provide a file dialog.