WebDAV external storage, big files


as typical in forums, I’m looking for some help. :slight_smile:

In short, I have NextCloud latest installed on Ubuntu, and everything works fine, but I have an issue with external storage which is connected to the Cloud provider using WebDAV. Unfortunately, the connection to this storage is either slow.
What I want to achieve is to write to this external storage variety of files, but some of them are quite big, for example about 5.7G installation ISO. The idea is to sync this folder and later make it virtual files to free up some space. I don’t care if sync takes half a day or longer, I just want to make it successful in the end. Now it ends with an error: Server replied "503 Service Unavailable"to MOVE https://-URL-/remote.php/dav/uploads/-user-/26800739/.file

If I take a look at the filesystem 26800739 directory there is no such file - “.file” (I know how to list hidden files) but there are a lot of files named 0000000000000023 and similar.
Any ideas about what is wrong and how to avoid this situation?
I have read and followed the big files section in the setup guide.

P.S. I’m running Nginx, not Apache.
Thanks! :wink: