WebDAV: derive creator of a subfolder in a shared folder


I have a folder “test” which is shared by an administrator with a group. Users of this group can create subfolders like e.g “sub1”.

Is there a way, as an administrator, to derive which user created “sub1” with webdav requests? Using a “propfind” request on “sub1” returns as the “owner-id” only the username of the administrator, which is not helpful. I would need to derive the email adress of the user who created sub1, which I could derive from his owner-id.

Ideally I’m looking for a solution in python using the great “pyocclient” interface. From there I can’t query the activities, so my hope is that there’s a simpler solution within webdav. I’m posting my question here because I think my problem is related to the webdav api rather to the “pcocclient” interface.