WebDAV (cyber duck) and Nextcloud upload fails at 4gb?

Hey Nextcloud forums,
I’ve been having a very frustrating issue for a while now and am not sure what the problem is. I am trying to upload files to Nextcloud using the cyberduck WebDAV client on windows 10. Upload speed always start squeezing at 5mb/s, then slows down over time to about 3mb/s. At exactly 4gb every time in the process of uploading files, it always errors and says cannot connect. I then have to restart it. It occurs on the normal network or with a direct Ethernet between the two, and the server drives are EXT4, so I’m born sure what causes the failure. On a side note, would be nice to have a dedicated client to upload files, uploading 40gb using the web interface causes it to crash. XD any help would be appreciated.

Ext4 shouldn’t have such a limit. But what kind of server is Nextcloud running on? Is it a 32-bit system?

Here is an old thread with the same problem it seems:

Anyway, there is a dedicated client to upload files here: http://nextcloud.com/clients

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out. I just looked and it should be x64 (and it runs 18gb of ram so should be good there) Is it possible I installed x86 Nextcloud? How would I check that?

EDIT: yes, I took a look at those clients. However, unless I’m missing something, they seem dedicated to syncing over from server to local with a few other things, not a direct “access and upload files” client unless I missed something the last time I tried it.