Webdav cut/paste not working


I have successfully installed Nextcloud 9 on an Ubuntu 14.04 cloud server and can connect using webdav from an Ubuntu 16.04 desktop file browser. Copy and paste works fine but I cannot cut and paste. The error is simply “Not Found”.

I assume this should be working? I have looked in the Apache log files but cannot see anything to suggest what may be wrong

I don’t really know much about webdav so if someone could please let me know how to find the problem or if this is a know issue.


Just tried in on a Ubuntu 16.04-client and NC 10, it works for me. The cut file and destination are both on the webdav-share (mounted in normal file-manager). Can you try on demo.nextcloud.com to check if it is a client or server issue?

I upgraded to NC 10 and that has solved the problem. Thanks for your help.