WebDav crashing at 99%

I activated the WebDav sharing on my nextcloud, it works fine in relation to transfers on the web, but in the file explorer through webdav it always hangs at 99% and takes a long time to exit, and for it to reach 99% it is very fast, it doesn’t matter the size of the file, is there a way or a setting for me to adjust this?

First of all, what NC version?

Second, what version of Windows?

Third, what is your connectivity like between your NC server and your Windows computer (throughput, latency, reliability)?

Four, what appears in your nextcloud.log during these transactions?

Note: The native Windows WebDAV client works fine locally (I use it), but does not deal well with lossy or slow connections. This makes using it remotely challenging. You may want the official Nextcloud Sync client (or, perhaps, something like Mountain Duck which has a bit more resilience built-in).