WebDAV Connection doesn't work


I tried connecting to my server via WebDAV on Windows following the manual given by nc.
That didn’t work for me so i just went with that button:

And pasted in the link, that i found on my nc Server.
Now to my Question:
This should be just as secure as the other method because it is still ssl encrypted or is it not?


Welp, it did work for for a few moments now when i try to connect it gives me the same Error as with the original method:
Error Code 0x80070043 Network Name Cannot Be Found


Unfortunately this question couldn’t be answered because you’re providing insufficient information. Make sure that the address you’re using uses https as protocol.

When you will give the url of your server you must use https://
Windows 7 and later has implemented a NO-GO if your webdav server hasn’t a well configure ssl cert, the connection won’t work.
So if you don’t have a good ssl you won’t be able to use WebDav(s) on the default Windows Explorer.

Of course I used https in the URL, but in the Documentation they said that that method is insecure or maybe I just read that part wrong.
Windows Explorer also added that image part at the end of my path so I already guessed it was safe but
I wanted to be sure.

Well I use letsencrypt and it works fine with plex an all my other applications.

It’s just that the WebDav from Windows Explorer is so slow with Nextcloud you should use another software for doing that.

Any recommendations?
I’ve read about cyberduck in the documentation but i dont really like it.

I don’t have, i tried several software without having great performance where as guys using cyberduck having good performances…

Another problem with the windows explorer webdav you will have problems opening/modifying files with Microsoft Office, no problem with LibreOffice.

I now use NC Desktop and it seems to work fine so far.
Not what I wanted but as long as it works.