WebDav blocked by FortiGate Application Control

A number of services recently stopped working on my PC. They all trace back to a change int he corprorate firewall security policy. Specifically access attempts now report:

Powered By Fortinet

FortiGate Application Control


Application Blocked!

You have attempted to use an application which is in violation of your internet usage policy.
Category: Storage.Backup
User name:
Group name:
Policy: A policy UUID

Interesting that NextCloud is identified as OwnCloud. but But by the by. My curiosity here is, given the cat and mouse game of of security, if I’m stuck with this not working or a conversation with the IT manager here some time, or if there is some work around, possible.

I guess it’s really a FortiGate question and how that policy is written. But I’m curious all the same if anyone else has contended with something like this. I noticed for example recently when I was trying to write Google Cloud Services client in Python that I couldn’t get it to work until I realised it was blocking the UserAgent that Python urllib attached. Changed that and all worked fine. Sometimes these things are simple is all I’m saying.

That said, this looks like a protocol check and WebDav is probably identifiable regardless. Unless, and this is a possibility, I ran it through and an encrypted openvpn tunnel?