Webdav and nextcloud

Hello to all.
Has anyone recently managed to connect from windows 7 to nextcloud using webdav. If yes please drop me a reply how to manage, I have run out of ideas to use.
My nextcloud is on Amazon EC2 the free one that amazon offers and use self signed ceritficate.
thanks in advance

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Well, I have an update. Since I do have an installation in a VM datacenter with owncloud, I use the snapshot manager and revert the VM owncloud in a previously state that had no SSL certificate. As as I did that and used an administrative command prompt from my windows 7 client the mapping was succesfully.

net use z: /user:username password

where password is my password and username is : stratos

An update…when SSL is on nextcloud the webdav refuses to work. Looking for solution.

Use the search function on the forum. The webdav implementation of Windows does not work very well. For network drives you can use netdrive (there is another one) but as far as I know they are not free. Or use a client such as WinSCP or Cyberduck. (there were some tricks but I haven’t seen a solution that works for everybody).

Well thanks for your reply. Netdrive does not work even in an installation without SSL. The reason that I am trying to use webdav is because I have 2 users that maybe work in the same document in the same time, thus I am trying to avoid this situation believing that using webdav the already file opened by one person would be locked.

I have notice though that the major problem is using SSL. Without SSL the connection is succesfull. I did do the same test today via windows explorer and was succesfull. The same I tried with netdrive and was unsuccesful.