Webcal address point to another domain

NOTE: I use Nextcloud installation through Softacullous on a CPanel. Few months ago I was unable to update my Caracol install so I tried a new one called Pony on that second subdomain. Finally I could update Caracol and delete everything about Pony but now this bug has appeared.

Steps to reproduce

  1. I enter into the link to share the calendar.
  2. I click on subscribe --> https://caracol.nodocomun.org/index.php/apps/calendar/p/Xoy8TstZCH9NnCM5/Nodo-Comn-Madrid
  3. It goes to another domain. Instead of caracol[dot]nodocomun[dot]org it goes to pony[dot]nodocomun[dot]org.

Expected behaviour

When you click on Subscribe it should remain on the caracol[dot]nodocomun[dot]org domain

Actual behaviour

When you click on the Subscribe button it goes to pony[dot]nodocomun[dot]org