Webbased Update Create backup - parsing response failed - without more info

Hi Devs,

I have this problem since updating from 19.0.6 to 20.0.4. Usually I go then to command line and make the update there.

Since I get no error descriptions it is not easy to determine what went wrong. I am pretty sure that the write permissions right (I think there would be an apropriate error message if it wasn’t).

It might be interssting for you. I will provide more infos if you tell me what is necessary.

Here is a screenshot:

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Always double check write permissions. Or read permissions. Check write permissions is misleading unfortunatly

cool, thanks
can you explain how to double check write permissions please ?

Hi @punkyard ,

double check I mean that nextcloud checks it (through the update process) and you yourself have to check it too (on the command line).

I cannot remember clearly but I thing the error was that write permissions were indeed set right but the read permissions were not. So the Update failed.

thanx @florom
i’m looking for which permissions to check and how to …

which users should have access to which permissions ?
web server ? http user ? panel user

750 to folders and 640 to files ? or else ?
which folders are concerned ? all folders ? also my nextcloud folder and my public_html ?

what about the data folder ? same permissions ?
should it be inside the nextcloud folder or the public_html folder ?

which command to check permission via which ssh user ? sudo ? http user ? (mine doesn’t have a ssh access only ftp with cyberduck) - www-data ?

Sorry, many questions, but i’ve read so many things and their opposites …

Hi @punkyard ,
its best to ask a solution for a specific problem you have which is related to the nextcloud-server application.

Here is some stuff to read and the links provided in it should cover your webserver setup which you know best:

there is so much to search in this forum, but thanks !

an answer from manual upgrade

chown -R www-data:www-data nextcloud
find nextcloud/ -type d -exec chmod 750 {} ;
find nextcloud/ -type f -exec chmod 640 {} ;

so ALL folders should be at 750
and ALL files should be at 640

Great search!

With these settings, my nextcloud went blank …
It’ve put it back to the original settings : 644 / 755
770 for cron and data