Web updater should just tell me how to update manually

I’m hitting a problem I’ve encountered before: the upgrader hits a wall when it tries to create a backup. The problem, as far as I can tell, is that on Dreamhost the backup is never going to work properly and I need to upgrade manually.

What would be nice, though, is if instead of just being a dead end, the upgrader could give me some guidance. I need to turn maintenance back off and then read up on how to do a manual upgrade, and then do it. Googling for manual upgrade instructions surfaces some random 10.0 version, so I vaguely recalled that I’d gotten support in the forums here, found my old forum post and dug through it for the right link.

At a minimum when the upgrader hits an error, it should offer a link to the manual upgrade instructions for the current version.

Seconded. If there is no rollback on error at least provide instructions or a link to such instructions. All I got was “Update in process.” in the browser.