Web updater from 13 to 14?

Can one use the web updater process to update from 13.0.6/7 to 14.0.1? Or is the web updater process restricted to same main versions only i.e. 13.0.6 to 13.0.7?

13.0.6 -> 14.0.1 without any problems with the web updater.
When the update to 14 is not shown, you just have to wait or make a manual update.

Thanks @DecaTec

Wait for what? For 14.0.1 to be shipped to stable channel? Or something else?

Yes, for 14.0.1 in stable channel.


I’m still on 13.0.6 and did not get an update announced until today. The update proposed was 13.0.7 but when updating an update to the actual version 14.0.3 was tried and failed.

Any idea what went wrong? Why did I not get all the updates between 13.0.6 and 14.0.3 announced? And why the updater did not try to first update to the announced 13.0.7?

What channel ? Stable or Production ? If you are on Production, the updater will show you 13.0.7 and the update runs without problem.

I was on Stable. Changed to Production and now update to 13.0.7 is offered. Will try this first and than step by step to 14.0.3. Hope that will work.

But do you have any idea why update to 13.0.7 was delayed that long. Since I know from another installation that updates were pending I had checked every couple of days all channels in my installation, but nothing was shown.