Web-Update from 13.0.4 to 13.0.6 breaks Nextcloud - 403 Forbidden errors

Nextcloud version 13.0.4
Operating system and version not known (shared host)
Apache or nginx version (not known)
PHP version (7.0.31)

The issue you are facing:

When upgrading from 13.0.4 to 13.0.6 using the web updater I got the following error:

Now, I can’t access nextcloud anymore, any site or connection results in 403 Forbidden errors. There’s a backup folder in path/to/nextcloud/data/updater-somestring/backups/nextcloud- which seems to contain the whole old nextcloud folder. I’m not sure what to do with it though; moving it’s contents to the nextcloud root resulted in the 403 errors going away but when trying to access the web interface I only got white pages.

This is my updater.log: 2018-09-09T19:11:47+0200 AumFhnhUTD [info] request to updater2018-09-09T19:11: - Pastebin.com

Nextcloud was working fine for weeks/months previously. This is the first update I did since installation.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I’m having 1:1 the same problem and I also tried to update from 13.0.4 to 13.0.6. I can’t sync any contact details to my devices anymore and before the update everything worked fine. It’s not the first time I updated.