Web UI suddenly totally unresponsive - sync works ok

Suddenly, the web ui to my local Nextcloud installation has stopped working. It worked like a charm a few weeks ago. Now it opens up the login screen OK, but after that, it is dead!

PHP Version 7.1.20-1 ubuntu16.04.1 deb.sury.org nextcloud 4.14.69-135 Apache2 running on a local Odroid machine.

Syncing works fine. I can setup new folder syncs, i e I can retrieve the folder hierarchy in the Windows client.

But when I try to use the web interface, absolutely NOTHING happens when I enter credentials and press login.

Where do I start looking?

BR // Walther

As usual start to check the Nextcloud and web server log file.

j-ed is right. In addition you may have a look at the db-table oc_bruteforce_attempts. If you find an entry with your ip delete it.

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Sorry, but WHERE?

I find 500+ log files spread out everywhere after each programmer’s personal preferences, but none under /var/log/nextcloud (empty dir) or /var/log/apache2/access.log (nothing special at timestamp) or /var/log/apache2/error.log (no entry at all at the desired timestamp).

It is always good that the Nextcloud documentation provides answers on all kind of questions :wink:


data/nextcloud.log last entry was 6hrs before the latest login attempt timestamp

You should think about adjusting the loglevel parameter and check the web server log file too. Additionally the brute force blocking app might prevent accessing the gui. Similar issues have already reported in this forum. You should try to use the forums search function to identify related issues.

Maybe any timeshift settings?

What about useful log entries?

btw. you can set log level in config file directly without web UI.


I have set log level, but I see nothing explaining the dead UI.

As of now I have spent 40+ hours first setting up Nextcloud following manuals EXACTLY but resulting numerous (!) compatibility and setup problems, buggy Windows client, etc, etc, etc. I’m no newbie to Unix/Linux, having spent 6-7 years fulltime writing shellscripts for really advanced configuration management for telecom. But this unstructured web of failing dependencies goes over my head.

I think I have to abandon this software now. It is not worth the time spent.

Having to really master every version of Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MariaDB and Netxcloud and its quirks and (untested?) functionality depending on which platform you use just to make something work, is not defendable if you want to use it professionally just as a TOOL, and focus on your real job and purpose. My purpose was not playing around with technology just for fun.

Thanks for your kind help everyone (seriously!), and have fun keeping on…

Had same issue, this suggestion solved it. Fortunately one person went straight to a solution otherwise i’d be still rummaging through logs :smiley: