Web redirect problems

I’ve managed to get SSL working now https://my.server.com:8080/nextcloud

However, when I go to my domain hosting and set a mask up to go from server.com/cabinet to https://my.server.com:8080/nextcloud

it loads to a blank screen. NO error. just a blank screen.

Has anybody had this issue? and how do i resolve it? I’m using the techandme VM version of nextcloud 10.

I would tail the Apache log to verify you’re reaching the server, then go from there.

tail -f /var/log/apache2/access.log

Thanks I’ll give it a shot!

I must not know how trail works.

it shows me a list of things. However, when I connect to the server, the log never get’s any bigger. Even though I’m able to see the webpage and login. Am i missing something?