Web Page Nextcloud Update Not Works


it does not work to update the nextcloud via the web page. So, I can update without losing my settings, especially with regard to the file directories.


Sergio Velloso

updating will usually keep all your settings and data.

usually the built-in updater would inform you about new versions when they are available for you.
if you can’t or don’t want to wait you always could change the release-channel to beta and wait a bit… usually you’d be informed about a new version pretty soon. but be careful not to update to a beta-version for a productive system.

on the other hand you could download the original compressed file from download.nexctcloud.com and follow the manual for manual installation.

whatever you decide for make sure to backup!

good luck

Yes. Make a backup. It is so easy.



I would like to be a little more objective and, if possible, show which command I can use to update Nextcloud to version 18 or 19.

I used docker-compose to install Nextcloud and MariaDB

What are the ways I can use to update Nexcloud, since the web browser does not work?

Is it possible to update and maintain all volume definitions? See below:

Definition of volomes:


  • / media / data / nextcloud: / var / www / html
  • / media / data / nextcloud / apps: / var / www / html / custom_apps
  • / media / data / nextcloud / config: / var / www / html / config
  • / media / data / nextcloud / data: / var / www / html / data
  • / media / data / nextcloud / themes: / var / www / html / themes

Thanks in advance.

thats a very helpful information… especially since you didn’t provide any information at all so far.

too bad that i’m out of the discussion here since I don’t know anything about docker.

about your config, again: nextcloud would be making no sense if they didn’t care about keeping all your settings and volumes while updating.