Web: no end animation

View… in yellow rectangle area, animation no end never…

So, what is this?
It is important?
It’s not … then take it off!

Welcome to the forum @Yako

We are used to get more detailed postings here. Nobody knows what Server you’re running, nothing about your configuration, your environment, your setup…

Your thread - as it is - is a stub. I’m afraid to tell you.

Don’t be afraid, Jimmy …
Digital life is volatile in nature. Much more than ours.

I am a simple user of the application, that I connect through a simple browser to a simple page.
What I see is what I show you. There is no more … a circle of infinite rotation without more.

If it is not within your reach to verify it, do not worry.

Well to be honest I dunno if it would be within my reach… I simply don’t know what is behind your “simple page” that causes you problems.
All I can tell you so far is: it’s not behaving correctly.

So how did you set up your NC? Which versions are you running? Are there any setup-messages left to be solved from your installation? Any Error-messages in the logfile? etc.

Best suggestion I could give you at this point: try installin this app called issue template. And it’ll do all the collecting of neccessary data for you automatically. you’d only need to copy & paste it’s output to here. And then we would maybe be able to see where the problems come from.