Web log in Connection error

Hi All,

I am an extreme novice and need some help. Have tried logging into my web access for next cloud and it has suddenly stopped working

getting an


Have tried restarting and problem persists

Any assistance would be appreciated

We’ll need to know a bit more about your setup to help you.

How did you install Nextcloud originally? There are several different architectures, etc. Also, what operating system/distribution are you running Nextcloud on?

Its a little complicated. My late husband originally set it all up and I’ve been trying to keep it going with my very LIMITED knowledge.

It is running on a Qnap NAS, pretty sure it is on a linux base. As for the version of nextcloud, I have not updated since the start of 2022, so it will likely be the version before the last update.

Is there some way I can find more information to help with the problem? I cant log in through my web client but I still access through my ios desktop and mobile app. It tells me the server is offline (obviously). I also have a desktop client installed on a windows PC that I can still access.

Okay, that’s helpful context.

The mobile and desktop clients aren’t going to be too helpful to isolate the issue probably.

Unfortunately the connection timed out is just a generic message from your browser confirming that the web service is down.

I’ve seen Nextcloud installed either as a Docker container or a VM on QNAP boxes.

Do you have any sort of admin log capability for the QNAP itself? That or possibly SSH access information for it? Because without web access to Nextcloud you’re going to need to find another way to access the logs to get at the root of what is going on.

Another angle to approach this: do you have any other services besides Nextcloud running on the QNAP that you use? Are they operating alright? (Might give an indication where the issue is limited to Nextcloud or a broader issue with the QNAP itself).

Thanks so much for your help! I’m kinda in a boat with no sail. A friend of mine is going to try to help, so hopefully we can get access somehow. I may be back with more questions or hopefully with the solution! Thank you in the meantime

You’re welcome. Good luck!