Web Interface - Move, Copy Multiple Files

When I click a folder or file, I am able to download or delete, but not move or copy. If I’m away from my own desktop, I’d like to do this through the web interface. Thanks.

You can actually drag and drop in the web interface, even multiple files. Or there is an option to move, but I don’t think that was built in until version 11. What version are you on?

On ver 12.0. I just discovered I can select multiple files, then I can
drag them as a group. But when I have like 30 folders, dragging them
to the top one is a bit slow. Otherwise, this method works for me.
Thanks for the response.

Yep, but what about moving them to a folder in another location? It would be a nice feature if you could select multiple files, then have a move button in the top right next to the download button, which could work the same way as the move option for an individual file or folder.

Looks like they’re working on it for NC13: