Web Installer - v17.0.1?

Wanting to install NC on shared hosting /cPanel platform that lacks a Softaculous installer.

The Web Installer download link is currently providing the v16.0.1 setup file; is there a link for any later release? Any insights to the availability of a v.17 web installer?


Nextcloud rolls out the newest version stage after stage, so their servers don’t collapse due to hight load of nc17 downloads. At some point the web installer for nc17 will be available for you, too. If you don’t want to wait this long, try switching to the beta channel. Hoping this helps

Install version 16 and the go into settings and upgrade to 17.

Thank you for the reply. While I can appreciate the nature of their concern, I find it astounding that NextCloud would undertake highly intensive promotion of release 17, while, as you say, they are concerned about load management in the release channels. For a couple of weeks now I have been receiving desktop notifications multiple times per day encouraging me to upgrade to v17, not to mention a screen-wide banners promoting the benefits of v17 when I would log into my v16 NC dashboard. If the servers, and or the release quality itself are in question, why not opt for a quite intro of v17 and ramp up promotions in coordination with supply and distribution capabilities? Furthermore, if the web installer is at the end of the release queue, just be clear on the current version that is actually available, rather noting some indefinite time-frame for a future release.

I actually had installed v16 previously, but the updater offering v17 repeated failed, without any real error message. Had the download link stated a current version number … I would have simply waited.

Anyway, I do appreciate the clarifications. All the best!

I was eager to install the newest version as well but couldn’t find any option besides completely rebuilding my instance - until the updater notified me of the newest version a few days ago, while others presumably have had the update for a while. But to be fair, other FOSS-Systems (such as Ubuntu) follow the same procedures

I’ve just created a Pull Request that he all time download the latest version of Nextcloud. Let’s see if it’s get merged. https://github.com/nextcloud/web-installer/pull/39

Thanks, this bumped up the web installer download to 16.0.3 … and from there, the 17.0.1 web updater worked fine. Cheers!

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Ok. That’s no the version what I normally like to use in the webinstaller but it seems that the latest is not the latest :sweat_smile:. But nice that it’s work.

I see that you have now closed the above link. I resorted to try that option again, as I’ve encountered the same inability to upgrade from v17 to v18. In particular, no Updater could be found under the Administration - Overview settings. Only a “Version” heading appears with the current version number shown below.

In this instance, the Web Installer download link (https://nextcloud.com/install/#instructions-server) delivered the old, v16.03 web installer, which I previously could only obtain via your link above. Perhaps wrongly, I did expect that a current v18 web installer would be downloaded. Do you know for certain that your proposed fix was merged? Is there any reason why we v18 would not yet be available in the web installer?

I should also add, once I reinstalled using the freshly downloaded v16.03 installer, there is still not Updater nor Channel Release selector available … I’ve effectively downgraded from v17.01.

You can also edit the setup-nextcloud.php to install version 18. Alternatively you can use my setup-nextcloud.php (https://cry-sys.de/filebase/file/2-nextcloud-web-installer/#versions)

This line of code is responsible for customization:

// Nextcloud version
define(‘NC_VERSION’, ‘18.0.0’);