Web connection to Nextcloud

Hello all, I’m setup a nextcloudpie (yes in raspberry). and works great!!!

but, I’ve got a trouble to access my cloud out my home.

I’m set my router (my ISP block port 80 and 443) but a firewall port forward and no-ip port change are work good and all ok…

But, the “trusted domains” is my problem… all tries result in blank page and log says a untrusted domain, the no-ip do not “transcode” my iPhone ip or browser ip over web to his IP in my cloud.ddns.net and send it to my router… and it’s a problem because my iPhone ip are dynamic

how to solve this? anyway to disable the “trust domain check” or to trust
"all" www its?

thank you

Trusted domain refers to the domain at which you access your site, whether that is the IP address or the custom domain you set up with ddns. For example, in my configuration I have only cloud.mydomain.com as a trusted domain. When bots try accessing my cloud from my public IP address which is not a trusted domain, it gets rejected.

Yes I know!

My ISP are dinamic IP and block the ports 80 and 443, and I use No-IP but, if I need put the new dynamic ip every time he change are crazy, and my cloud.ddns.net are registered in configuration.php but still the log says about my dynamic ISP IP and not the no-ip IP…

NO-IP never transcode or give-me an ip, only my ISP and my dynamic wan interface… it’s the problem!

And, because this, it’s impossible put the “trusted domain” correctly, and in my opinion it’s a block to common user setup external access…

I don’t think I fully understand the problem you’re experiencing. I use dynamic DNS as well, but have no problem with the trusted domain. However, according to this, you should be able to specify wildcards in your trusted domains using *

Yeah… this problem are strange…

simply I can’t use SSL over my nat firewall with routed ports… I don’t know why, but inside my lan I can’t see standard http in 80 port too, I’m using the nextcloudpi version in a raspberry and some features are come already done…

how about this wildcards? I don’t understand very well what this do? Or better, I’ll need to implant this, how?. But still this feature only for test to “disable trusted domains” are appreciable, for test only…

I think there might be a misunderstanding here about how things work. No-ip is just a dynamic DNS service. That just means that it can dynamically update the IP address that is associated with your host name. However, if Nextcloud is not able to tell that you’re accessing it via the hostname, but instead it thinks you’re accessing it using the IP address, there’s a problem with the way you have things set up unrelated to trusted domains. It sounds like there’s a redirect from the hostname to the IP address happening somewhere.

Would you mind sharing how you set up your Apache (or Nginx) configuration?

And when you say you did a firewall port forward, which ports are you forwarding from/to?