We need user privilege control


I’m a student from Macau.
The FTP service provided by our university is poor. It’s unstable. It can’t be accessed in the dorm room.
It’s not under control of the IT dept.

To solve this problem, I bought a VPS and installed nextcloud. Nextcloud is beautiful. My teacher and I love it.
However, we can’t assign read-only privilege to student accounts.

I tried some workarounds:

  1. Set student quota to 0B. They cannot upload non-blank files anymore.
  2. In file access control, set rule “When user group membership is student and size of file(upload) is greater or equal to 0B”. They cannot upload blank files either.

Now students can create blank folders and change settings(username, password, etc).

All we want is just a read-only user account.

Similar scenario here. I created a user with 0 byte quota and shared files/directories to them. Works so far, but the user can already:

  • see the upload icon (if they have a 0 byte quote it should be hided)
  • rename folders/files
  • unshare folders/files
  • reset password
  • create app password
  • change profile picture

A more granular user management or the ability to create read-only accounts would be great!

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Not sure if this fits your need but to me it seems you don’t need a user for that :wink:

…Simply share the folder (via sharing->link) and set a password. Thus only people with the password can access the folder.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately this is not an option.
We have to give students a static and easy-to-remember entrance.

Well, you could just create a redirect with a nice, simple, friendly URL that redirects to the share… while this would still be a workaround.

You can also have nice share links: Custom share links