We need help with update message


We have sent a ticket to owndrive.com and we have not received a response.

Our customers are seeing an update message when they want to access the cloud.abonagestion.com site.

We need you to help us solve it.

It is urgent.

Thank you

How should this community help you getting an answer on your request from a 3rd-party company?

Why do you contact “owndrive.com”, a norwegian company, if the website “abonagestion.com” seems to be owned by the spanish company “Abone Gestion”?

I think there will be no other way then to speak with your web site hoster to get the problem solved.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
cloud.abonagestion.com points to an owndrive ip where our contracted space is.
The problem is owndrive.com never respond our comunications. We send a ticket, a tweet, a facebook message and don’t respond.
What can we do?
Anyone have contact with onwdrive.com?

I hope you have backups of your Data and databases…
If yes, just move to another provider or host your own nextcloud.
If not, you ran in a big problem if the provider doesn’t react…

Hi, we have the data we uploaded in local drive but we don´t have database backup because we haven´t access to it.
Why people don’t do their job well? Is it normal to leave a customer without service without explanations?
Could someone recommend me another provider?

try calling the owner…

Owndrive don’t have any phone number.
Don’t respond emails, tweets, facebook messages, tickets,…

We are in trouble.

Anyone works with Owndrive???

right… owndrive doesnt feature a phonenumber of their own. but the owner apparently has one… (see link above) he resides under the same address than his company. it would be worth a try.

other than that - my personal opinion - i’d stay away from cheap solutions of a one-man-company which doesn’t provide and phonenumbers in case of emergency.

i know that doesn’t help you right now and i feel sorry for it. :frowning:

good luck!

Hi, i can’t see any link…

try clicking on “calling” to open the link behind it. it’s blue to indicate being clickable

Ahhh ok. Sorry.

And it seems to work again…

However, I wonder why you outsource your data to a provider whose phone number you do not even know.

Yes, is wornking again and probably we’ll change the provider. thanks for your support

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Maybe have a look here for other providers: