Ways to use Nextcloud

I’ll start off by saying a category for solution level “How To Use Nextcloud” brainstorming would be cool… Here’s my first entry.

Assume the latest NC on Ubuntu/Nginx/MariaDB all on prem.
The solution is best described as “show prep” It’s part content management, part document management and workflow.

Lets start with a repository of 1000 songs in some editable format (ODT…).
An administrator needs to identify in some way 12 songs in a certain order for a given show and there are 3 shows a week.
Once selected, create an index page for each show and assemble the 12 songs into a single document (probably pdf) and share/sync with 30 devices for members of the production/talent crew.

At the end of the week, clear the selection from the previous week and do it all again.
An annual summary would be nice but not neccessary.

I’m thinking of using tags and workflow… but that doesn’t cover the whole scenario.
I’m looking for ideas.

So after a few days of searching a “Songbook Manager” with a “Set Maker” is what I’m looking for.

Anyone out there considering writing g such a thing?