Watching H265 coded videos has no audio in Chrome

When I try watching H265 coded videos that are hosted on my nextcloud (snap 25.0.3) server. chrome is able to decode the video but has no audio.

However, watching the same H265 video works just fine in Edge with Hardware Acceleration enabled.

Anyone happens to have the same issue and has found a work around other than just converting the video.


Normally this is a limitation of the browser. If you download the file and open it directly in Chrome, does it play?

Chrome does not seem to support playing mkv videos through the browser (same with edge)

Changing the file extension from .mkv to .mp4 allows chrome to play the video but the audio setting is greyed out

However edge is able to play the same file just fine, maybe its an audio codec that chrome does not have unlike edge?

It’s possible, but also note that you can’t just change the extension like that. MKV and MP4 are not the same thing.

Did a bit more digging, the audio is EAC-3 and it seems like chrome does not support it. Or at the very least won’t play it, unlike edge. This is prob not a nextcloud issue and more of a chrome issue then.

Yes as I said this is usually a browser limitation. Nextcloud is really just streaming the file to the browser to play locally.