Warning in polyfill-php56 in new installation of NextCloud 10.0beta


Just installed new instance of NextCloud 10.0beta on Ubuntu Server 14.04 and after configuring I get Internal Server Error and the following warning in log:

PHP Warning: Expected user_input to be a string, NULL given in …/3rdparty/symfony/polyfill-php56/Php56.php on line 33

What’s also interesting is that I’ve got PHP 5.5 running there. Should it be set somehow, so that polyfill-php55 would be used instead?

The polyfill-php55 is adding 5.5 capabilities to older PHP versions, so that it uses 5.6 is correct here since hash_equals has been added with 5.6. This smells like a small bug, can I ask you to open a ticket at https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues and @-mention me?